What is Proof of Traffic, Stratos Unique Incentive Mechanism?

At present, most of the blockchain projects on the market use PoW and PoS consensus mechanisms, but they all have, to some extent, limitations and drawbacks. In the real world, the volume of traffic and the number of active users are most commonly used to measure the value of internet companies. Traffic will bring more attention which leads to huge commercial value and benefits. Therefore, using traffic to verify the value provided by each node is very much required.

The Stratos Proof-of-Traffic algorithm is used to track and calculate the resources (storage, computing, traffic) used by each individual participant on the network. Based on the traffic sending to the blockchain, it will generate fees for the user, and the rewards for the provider of the network resources.

From another perspective, if a node needs to handle higher concurrent traffic, the overall performance of the node needs to be higher. The overall performance of a node is determined by computing power, storage, and network bandwidth. Therefore, motivating the miners using the consensus mechanism of PoT will be much healthier and more effective than PoS or PoW. Miners will not just focus on storage or workload but need to focus on overall performance and increase the network bandwidth of each machine so that the Stratos network can ensure the health and efficiency of the network during high-speed expansion.

The development of Web 3.0 is not only about the richness of the applications on Web 3.0, but also the stability and efficiency of the underlying network. Therefore, Stratos has designed the unique PoT consensus to better encourage all participating miners to maintain the effectiveness of the network and further promote durable and vigorous development and operations.