Stratos Wallet is Available!

You all have been asking for Stratos Wallet; today, we are so excited to release Stratos Wallet v.0.4.4.

Users can download the wallet application from our official website and install it on Mac OS, and Linux systems. The Windows version is coming soon. Stratos Wallet allows users to create their own wallets safely and manage their accounts, e.g., account creation, token transactions, receiving rewards, etc.

Users can use Stratos Wallet to make different types of transactions:

✅ Transfer

✅ Delegate

✅ Undelegate

✅ Get Rewards

✅ SDS Prepay

SDS prepay transaction allows users to purchase Ozone to use the services Stratos provides, such as file upload, download ,and video streaming.

After the transaction is made, users can also broadcast it over the Stratos network by pasting a signed transaction in JSON format.

Users can self-delegate a certain amount of STOS tokens to become a validator node and participate in the Stratos Chain block generation by voting. For more information about running a node in the Stratos Chain and getting rewards, please check our Stratos Token Economy paper.

Stratos faucet allows users to request test tokens to use in their transactions. The Faucet is rate limited and can only be requested every 60 seconds. In order to use the faucet, the user needs a testnet address which can be generated using the Stratos Wallet app.

Please contact us on Discord for any questions about our Stratos Wallet.

As always, stay tuned for our more product releases and follow us on our official channel at:

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