Stratos Mainnet Launch Timeline

The Stratos Mainnet launch dates were announced, sparking excitement in the blockchain and Web3 community. As the momentous occasion of the Stratos Mainnet launch draws nearer,  in this article, we reveal crucial details surrounding the Stratos Mainnet launch timeline, shedding light on what lies ahead for this groundbreaking decentralized infrastructure in the broader Web3  ecosystem.

September 07  Launch of ERC-20 STOS burning portal on

All STOS holders can burn their ERC-20 STOS token on the Ethereum mainnet. The burned amount will be recorded and added to the genesis file of mainnet. You don’t need to do this step if you don’t require native STOS from block 1 of mainnet. You can always bridge ERC-20 STOS to Stratos Chain Mainnet after the mainnet bridge is up. The Stratos foundation will migrate all Mining reserved and foundation-owned tokens through this burning portal. The burning portal will be closed on September 13.

September 14  Publish Genesis File for Mainnet

The genesis file will be published on our Git Hub. Community members can verify if their burned token is correctly recorded in the genesis. All Tropos incentive reward tokens will also be included in the genesis file. Please verify it based on the published Tropos reward summary.

September 21  Stratos Chain Mainnet Launch

We will launch the mainnet on this day together with all staking providers. The bridge will not be up on the first day; instead, it will be up 2 or 3 days later. The delegation will be available after the Stratos Chain Mainnet Launch through our desktop wallet or Stratos Chain command line tool.

Once the Stratos Chain Mainnet is proven stable, we will make a community proposal to vote on enabling the Stratos Decentralized Storage registration. Once the proposal is passed, we will launch the Stratos Decentralized Storage, targeting the next key date.

September 28  Stratos Decentralized Storage Mainnet Launch

SDS registration will be enabled on the specified date. People can start to deposit to activate their SDS nodes and start mining.

September 29  Proof-of-Traffic Aggregation Starts

The volume report to trigger the Proof-of-Traffic consensus will not start until this date. The reason is that at the very beginning of the SDS network with a small number of Resource nodes, the traffic and network behaviour will be very volatile; thus, to prevent abnormal advantages for such a situation, we give SDS Resource Node operators 1 day to join the network before the reward starts to roll out. Given that the validator/delegation rewards also come from Proof-of-Traffic, all validator/delegation rewards also start from this date.

As we count down the days to the Stratos Mainnet launch, one thing is clear: the blockchain revolution is about to take a giant leap forward, where decentralized infrastructure and storage will play pivotal roles. With its promise of fully decentralized infrastructure and decentralized storage solutions, Stratos is poised to bring about a transformative era in blockchain technology and empower more dapps. We invite every member of the Stratos community to engage, participate, and help spread the word about this highly anticipated Stratos mainnet launch event. Together, we’ll write the future of Web 3.0.

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