Stratos Bi-Weekly Progress Report: September 1,2021 — September 15,2021

We have many updates from the last two weeks including a series of videos to introduce our wallet app, and the launch of Stratos Blockchain Explorer. The team is getting the final testing done to prepare the launch of Stratos Decentralized Storage testnet. We have also completed the documentation of Stratos Chain API which will provide the interfaces to communicate with various modules on Stratos Chain for transactions and operations.


  • Resource node and index node staking lock period
  • Add the ozone limit changes
  • Stratos Wallet
  • Stratos Wallet Demo


Stratos Chain:

  1. Dependency update

Stratos Decentralized Storage:

  1. SDS devnet testing
  2. Resource node task weight
  3. SP node rest API framework
  4. Private file upload with encryption
  5. SDS streaming traffic records and balance checking

Stratos Wallet & Apps:

  1. Stratos Video Player
  2. Stratos Filesystem

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