Stratos Bi-Weekly Progress Report: March 15, 2023 – March 28, 2023

In the past two weeks, we have been focused on fixing issues based on feedback from auditing. 

BlockSec finished the initial round of code review for Stratos Chain code and submitted the first report highlighting the identified issues. There were around 17 issues found so far, where 11 of them are due to one exact reason, which was mentioned as the vulnerability in Stratos Chain in the last report. We are actively addressing the fixes and have already rectified half of the issues. All details will be included in the final audit report published by BlockSec. BlockSec is reviewing the SDS code right now. 

We have finished the conversion tool for the Tropos Incentive testnet reward. All TROS rewards issued in Tropos testnet will be converted to 1M STOS in mainnet. These rewards will be integrated into the genesis file as genesis accounts of Stratos Mainnet. Additionally, we have conducted an analysis of all TROS issued from Tropos-2 to Tropos-5. (It is noteworthy that no TROS were issued during the Tropos-1 phase, which lasted less than two weeks.) As soon as the Tropos testnet discontinues before Mainnet, we will furnish some interesting facts and figures related.

The genesis account migration application is ready. As mentioned in the last report, it enables individuals to burn their STOS on Ethereum before the mainnet launch and be included in the genesis block. 

We have made certain updates to the Stratos Chain SDK, to ensure seamless adaptation to the GRPC usage. In addition, we have also updated the wallet to enable the support of prepay transactions for SDS. This feature allows users to prepay STOS for obtaining Ozone.

We have successfully completed the upgrade of the SDS request signature implementation, in order to address the vulnerability that was previously highlighted.

SDS now supports uploading a folder using zstd compression. We also added the operation command of the SDS node to the SDS RPC under a different naming space. This allows the SDS node owners to manage their nodes effectively and efficiently, even on a massive scale.


  • Stratos Chain Tropos Reward TROS Conversion Tool 
  • Stratos Chain Genesis Account Migration(UI)
  • Stratos Chain SDK Update 
  • SDS Requests Signature Improvement(download)
  • SDS Support Uploading Folder
  • SDS RPC Support Node Operation
  • Metanode Transfer Task Issue Fix 
  • Metanode Tasks Signature Improvement 
  • Stratos Wallet Support Prepay Tx


  • Stratos Chain Mainnet Migration Bridge
  • Stratos Chain Issue Fixes based on Auditing Feedback
  • SDS Framework Buffer Memory Allocation Improvement 
  • Metanode Tier Based Task Assignment
  • Metanode File/Slice Indexing Improvement
  • Stratos Decentralized Storage SDK
  • Stratos Wallet Cloud Drive Application
  • Stratos Wallet Video Player Application

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