Stratos Bi-Weekly Progress Report: June 9, 2021 — June 24, 2021

Stratos dev team is working hard to get the Stratos Chain Testnet to be launched within the next few weeks and we are focusing on the final testing of the entire SC Testnet. In the meantime, the team is also working on the implementation of the Wallet and browser based video player. In order to provide better visibility and clarity, a lot of efforts are made on the documentation on GitHub as well. We have finished traffic records and aggregation, relay of the transactions on Stratos Decentralized Storage.


💎 SDS nodes query on Stratos Chain

💎 Explorer Update

💎 SDS Traffic Records

💎 SDS Traffic Aggregation

💎 Upgrade Module


Stratos Chain:

1️⃣ Stratos Chain documentation

2️⃣ Governance Module

3️⃣ Load testing

4️⃣ STOS Token unit and Ozone unit

Stratos Decentralized Storage:

1️⃣ Resource Node life cycle

2️⃣ Browser-based video player

3️⃣ File Replication

Stratos Wallet:

1️⃣ Stratos Wallet implementation

2️⃣ Integrate updated SDK to wallet

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