Stratos Bi-Weekly Progress Report: June 16,2022 – June 29,2022

In this sprint, we have made quite some progress on the Stratos Chain upgrade and the SDS RPC; meanwhile, SDS metanode performance improvement is also moving forward smoothly.

Stratos chain upgrades have passed all tests on devnet. During the tests, we found some significant issues related to Stratos Chain updates and EVM compatibility that are already fixed in this sprint. The Stratos Chain is ready for Tropos-4 release. We are still updating the explorer and wallet for Stratos Chain before we can announce the release date.

We also finished updating SDS and metanode, which adapt to the Stratos Chain updates. We are actively testing them on devnet.

The development of SDS downloading RPC is completed. We have started to add a file list RPC.


  • Stratos Chain Rest/RPC Upgrade
  • Stratos Chain Upgrade(testing)
  • SDS RPC(downloading)
  • SDS adapts Stratos Chain updates
  • Metanode adapts Stratos Chain updates


Stratos Tropos Testnet:

  • Metanode performance improvement
  • SDS RPC & SDK (File list)
  • Stratos Chain EVM support(testing)
  • Monitoring dashboard

Stratos Website/Wallet & Apps:

  • Stratos Chain Explorer update
  • Mobile Wallet Multiple Platform Release Process(IOS/Android)

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