Stratos Bi-Weekly Progress Report: July 5 – July 18, 2023

In the past sprint, we focused on delivering the Mesos Testnet. Our plan was to roll out the Stratos Chain part before the end of the sprint, but unfortunately, it’s not the case. Instead, we had to dedicate more time reverting the special changes which were designated for the Tropos Incentive Testnet. And finally, we reverted all of them by last weekend. We anticipate giving the community access to test the new Mesos Testnet with the Bridge to Ethereum Goerlie testnet by the end of this week.

In the last biweekly report, we mentioned that we have 6 action items before mainnet, which makes the community concerned about the mainnet launch. We want to clarify that those action items are not necessary blockers for mainnet launch. They are simply additional functionalities that would be nice to have at launch. We are not determining the launch date by the status of these action items but rather by our intensive testing results. Let’s see what alternatives we have if we aren’t able to have those ready by the launch date and what impact it would have.

  1. Integration with exchange to support native STOS token. You will be able to bridge the STOS native token to Ethereum for trading as of right now. 
  2. Updating the Wallet Desktop App. You can also use Metamask or Stratos Chain binary to interact with Stratos Chain.  
  3. Mobile Wallet. You can use Metamask Mobile to interact with Stratos Chain.
  4. Ledger Support. You can use Metamask to connect to Ledger. 
  5. SDS Dashboard. Instead of creating a real-time version, we could opt for publishing a static one.
  6. Explorer improvement. Some Transactions won’t be shown as a visually enhanced card on Explorer. 

We will continuously conduct intensive testing on Devnet, as we have already been doing since the auditing was finished. We will also test all the cases we have done once SDS is launched on Mesos Testnet. After this, we will be able to make the final decision regarding the Mainnet Launch date.

We have completed updating the Stratos Chain SDK. Currenttly, we are working on the Stratos Desktop Wallet Update.


  • Stratos Chain SDK update
  • Stratos Chain Revert Special changes for Tropos
  • SDS RPC Timeout Refactor(status checking)


  • Mesos Testnet Deployment
  • Stratos Documents update
  • Straos Chain Ledger Support
  • Stratos Chain Desktop Wallet Update
  • SDS Metanode File Share Indexing Improvement 
  • Metanode Metrics Improvement
  • Devnet Intensive Testing
  • Stratos Decentralized Storage SDK
  • New Website Design

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