Stratos Bi-Weekly Progress Report: January 28, 2022 – February 11, 2022

The theme of the sprint was testing, testing, and more testing. To ensure a smooth launch of Stratos Tropos Incentive Testnet, the Stratos team is in the all-hands-on-deck mode, which yields great progress and results. We have fixed many complex, unexpected bugs and issues and made improvements and optimizations at the same time. Monitoring and alerting systems are also being set up and updated to make sure the availability and stability of the network. We are excited and looking forward to onboarding miners and users to the Stratos ecosystem and earning STOS rewards by helping the Stratos community with more intensive testing.


💎 PoA consensus testing

💎 Node status metrics

💎 File deletion testing

💎 Deployment scripts

💎 File backup

💎 Transaction detail page


Stratos Testnet:

1️⃣ Incentive testnet testing

2️⃣ PoA consensus integration testing

3️⃣ Video streaming API

4️⃣ Node metrics

Stratos Website/Wallet & Apps:

1️⃣ Stratos Video Player

2️⃣ Stratos Filesystem

3️⃣ Node Monitor

4️⃣ Wallet mobile

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