Stratos Bi-Weekly Progress Report: December 8, 2021 — December 22, 2021

Another fruitful sprint has been completed by the team, many key components for Stratos incentive testnet are being completed and tested. To make the best experience for all the validators, we have been carefully looking into reported issues and trying different approaches to solve them to help validator runners. Our Stratos Decentralized Storage (SDS) resource node terminal is being updated. We have finished the code development for SDS meta node clustering and topology updates based on the testing result of the current testnet. Every team member of Stratos is working hard to push forward our incentive testnet launch and prioritize quality over speed to ensure a smooth launch ASAP. We wish everyone who has been following and supporting Stratos Merry Christmas and happy new year 2022!🎄🥂


💎 Incentive testnet configurations

💎 Bug fixes in Stratos Wallet

💎 Stratos Chain documentation updates

💎 Health check and notifications

💎 SDS multiple bug fixes


Stratos Testnet:

1️⃣ Incentive testnet testing

2️⃣ Mining reward

3️⃣ Terdermint migration

4️⃣ SP node auditing

5️⃣ Validator issues troubleshooting

Stratos Website/Wallet & Apps:

1️⃣ Stratos Video Player

2️⃣ Stratos Filesystem

3️⃣ Node Monitor

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