Stratos Bi-Weekly Progress Report: April 29, 2021 — May 12, 2021

While our upcoming IDO whitelist event is being highly participated in, we also want to keep our community informed about the latest updates on development.


💎 New Website Launch

💎 SC faucet for testnet

💎 Resource Network node registration type (for future Stratos Decentralized Database and Computation) support on SC

💎 SC genesis preparation and export

💎 SDS Relay Module


Stratos Chain:

1️⃣ SDS reward distribution Module on Stratos Chain

2️⃣ Performance Testing

Stratos Decentralized Storage:

1️⃣ SDS file slice upload/file slice download

2️⃣ SDS Relay Module to communicate with Stratos Chain

3️⃣ SDS prepay module


1️⃣ Transaction(s) Creation

2️⃣ Transaction(s) Signing

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