Important Announcement About the Termination of the Tropos 5 Incentive Testnet

Our last incentive testnet Tropos-5 has been running for more than 4 months since January. We are grateful for the community’s active participation, which has greatly assisted us in identifying and resolving issues within our Stratos Decentralized Storage Solution. As we approach the launch of our mainnet, it is now the appropriate time to call for the end of the incentive testnet formally. 

We will propose to stop the network at Stratos Chain height 2,304,000, which is supposed to be reached on June 14th. You can refer to the proposal at .  We strongly encourage all validators currently operating on Tropos 5 to actively engage in the voting process before the expiration of the voting period.

All Resource node operators are advised to take no action before shutting down the Tropos-5. However,it is crucial to ensure the safety of your wallet file or mnemonic words. All the rewards of TROS, whether currently under your wallet address or remain in the matured reward pool (not yet withdrawn), will be converted to STOS for those wallets based on the final total TROS issued. More than 3 million TROS have been issued in all previous Tropos incentive testnets. They will be converted into a total of 1 million STOS  for the mainnet. The precise conversion rate will be calculated based on the final state upon the conclusion of Tropos 5. We will post the converted result on our GitHub repository for community verification before the mainnet launch. These wallet balances will be included in the Mainnet genesis, allowing all participants of the Tropos incentive testnets to have STOS available to pay for the deposit of Resource Node registration on Mainnet. 

Following the termination of Tropos 5, a brand new testnet named Mesos will be introduced. This testnet will be the ongoing testnet even after mainnet launch. Any forthcoming updates subsequent to the mainnet release will be initially deployed on this testnet. This approach allows developers with existing applications within the Stratos Ecosystem to promptly adapt to new features first. Additionally, individuals interested in building new dApps utilizing Stratos components will have the opportunity to thoroughly test their applications before launching them on the Stratos Mainnet.

Tropos-5 incentive testnet has played a vital role in refining and enhancing the Stratos Decentralized Storage Solution. It has served as a valuable testing ground, allowing us to fine-tune our product and address any shortcomings. 

We appreciate the unwavering support of our community and anticipate an exciting journey ahead as we continue to build and innovate on the Stratos Cloud. 

👋 Farewell to Tropos5, get ready for the next chapter: the highly anticipated Stratos mainnet. ✨🚀

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