Burning Portal Is Now Available

As the Stratos Mainnet Launch is fast approaching, we are thrilled to announce that the burning portal is now open. All STOS holders can burn their ERC-20 STOS token on the Ethereum mainnet. The burned amount will be recorded and added to the genesis file of mainnet. This step is optional if you don’t require native STOS from block 1 of the mainnet. The Pre-Mainnet Token Burn feature is aimed at users who want to have their STOS tokens available right at the start of the Stratos Chain (e.g.Validator Operators).

If needed, users can always bridge ERC-20 STOS to Stratos Chain Mainnet after the mainnet bridge is up. The bridge will be available indefinitely starting on Sept 24th. 

The Burn/Migration feature is optional. ERC20 tokens will continue to co-exist alongside our native coin, so users who are not interested in running a validator or delegating (staking) are not meant to take any action. 

The Stratos Foundation will migrate all mining reserved and foundation-owned tokens through this burning portal. Please note that the burning portal will be closed on September 13th.

For more information and detailed instructions, please refer to our comprehensive documentation of step-by-step action available at https://docs.thestratos.org/docs-stratos-chain/pre-mainnet-token-burn/ 

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to a successful Mainnet Launch. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Stratos!