Announcing SDS Version 7

After Tropos-3 went online, the number of registered nodes reached more than 100000. We are delighted to see that there is so much support and participation from the community, and we also continued noticing a lot of issues.

  1. Massive invalid nodes. We found more than 60000 nodes are not really reachable.
  2. Invalid communications between SDS nodes and meta nodes which overload the meta nodes.
  3. The failure rate of downloading/uploading jobs is very high due to the invalid node numbers. 

Although all these issues won’t occur on Mainnet with SDS node deposit requirements, we still spent a lot of time addressing them, and it will slow down our development of the main features. Therefore, we decided to implement more strict rules on the Tropos network to have only serious testers to improve our product. And we will be able to allocate more time and resources to deal with the actual product issues.

We are glad to announce the new version of SDS is ready to be downloaded for upgrading. 

The followings are the main changes in the new version: 

  1. Nodes using internal network addresses will be blocked. Since it will never be able to be reached by other nodes.
  2. All nodes will be leveled. 

There will be 4 levels. 

  • Level 0 is suspended. The node at this level will not be able to connect to the network.
  • Levels are determined by the STOS staked when activating a new node. A node activated by 0.1 STOS to 5 STOS will be level 1. From 5 to 5000 will be level 2, more than 5000 will be level 3.
  • The number of STOS used to determine levels is only valid on TROPOS and will NOT be the same on Mainnet. 

On Tropos, there will be no difference between levels when downloading/uploading content. The priority functions will only be activated on Mainnet. During the testnet, it doesn’t matter if you activate a sds node with 1 STOS or 5000 STOS; you will get the same chances of getting traffic to your node.

We have added the scores to each node to evaluate the performance of each node. 

  • At each level, the score will be between 0~10000.
  • The start score will be 5000 when activating a new node.
  • Each successful node status checking (Every 5 mins) will add 1 score. If a node sends a status check more frequently than 5 mins, it will be disconnected. 
  • If there’s no report within 1000 blocks, each missing status check will be minus 1 score.
  • If there’s no report of more than 1000 blocks, the node will be downgraded to the next level. 
  • Each successful downloading/uploading task will add 1 score.
  • Each failed uploading task will be minus 500 scores.
  • Each failed downloading task will be minus 1000 scores.
  • Once a node downgrades to a lower level, the starting score will be 8000 at that level.
  • Once a node upgrades to the next upper level, the starting score will be 2000 at that level.
  • A node downgraded to level 0 will be suspended, and there will be a slashing on the reward.
  • A suspended node can resume online by update staking. No matter how much it stakes again, it will go to the original level determined by the activation’s staging amount. And the score will start from 5000.
  • The new node and unsuspended node will need to wait around 150 minutes to be able to receive uploading tasks. (Reach the score of 5030)

3. A new command ‘status’ has been added to the terminal. The output will be like the following:

Activation: Active | Mining: SUSPEND | Initial tier: 1 | Ongoing tier: 0 | Weight score: 8000

  1. Upgrading process

  • After we deploy the new meta node, the old version(0.6.0) sds node will no longer be able to connect to the meta node. You will receive a message like the below:

The command [ReqRgNPP] was rejected due to an invalid version [6] (minimum version [7]). The connection will be dropped. Please update to a more recent version

  • Once you update your code, remember to change your config file as below. The other part of the config file remains unchanged.

Version: 7

    AppVer: 7

    MinAppVer: 7

    Show: v0.7.0

  • Clean up SP list in the config and set it as in the SDS readme.
  • After your node restart, you will notice that you are at a certain level, and the initial score is 5000. Wait until score 5030 before you can receive the uploading task. 
  • We will give 48 hours for all nodes to be updated; after 48 hours, all nodes that are not successfully updated will be suspended and need to update staking to be unsuspended.

Thanks again for participating in testing Stratos Tropos Incentive Testnet. With your help, we’re continuously improving our product.