A Message From Stratos To Builders and Developers

“Hello World!”

This is the very first line that every developer learns when they enter the amazing software world. Generation after generation, we have built an amazing world line by line. We have the internet, we have the world wide web, our social capability reaches every corner of the earth instead of the villages that we are living in. We have online banking, we have Uber, we have e-commerce, we have all the UGC (User-generated content) like TikTok. But wait for a second, do we really have them? No, they belong to Google, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, Byte Dance, etc,. The list is never-ending. They tell us what to use, what to watch, what to listen to, and more importantly, what to say. Our privacy is violated by them, our freedom is restricted by them, our life is controlled by them.

This is not a world we are dreaming of, this is not a world we are supposed to live in, we need to create a world really owned by the people themselves.

Let there be light, God said. Then there was light, that is Blockchain, dawn to the new world. The first time, people know that they can reach consensus in such a real democratic way. No one can control them, no one can kidnap their life, people can be guided by themselves. People can build a world that belongs to everyone. We have all the freedom to build it the way that people agree on.

Now it’s time to start building a new world. We have the light, we have the land, we need the foundation. The foundation needs to support all the philosophies of the new world. The foundation needs to ensure all the dreams of the new world are built on top of a solid base. The foundation itself also needs to be owned by people, governed by people, supported by people, evolved by people. That’s exactly what Stratos network is devoted to building as our contribution to the new world.

Stratos is a fully decentralized infrastructure that provides the most important core services to any application.

Decentralized storage, which ensures all unstructured data, no matter if it is a picture, audio, a video, or a novel, can be stored and accessed at any time and anywhere. More important is the data will be secured to be owned by people who are the original data owner. No one can control the data that does not belong to them, no one can decide to delete/hide/change the data except the agreement between the people themselves.

Decentralized database is a way for users to organize their data, it provides a different way to use the data at a higher level than the raw data. It brings in the relations between the data. Stratos built the decentralized database to provide the functionalities of the traditional database but at the same time offer the security and safety that cannot be guaranteed by any centralized database solutions.

Decentralized computation is the real engine of an application. The first time we found out that we do not need a powerful data center or a supercomputer to get enough computation capabilities. The real fuel is provided by everyone together who believes that the world belongs to everyone.

In our decentralized infrastructure, we have validators running to ensure the security and trust of the network. We have the resource providers that contribute to the resource pool which can be used by everyone. Now we need the application builders.

On top of our infrastructure, there’s no restriction to building dreaming applications. We can build decentralized social media, we can build secure email systems, we can build decentralized streaming services, we can build secure messengers, we can build a game that is ruled by all players. If you are a true believer of the metaverse, you can also start building it from scratch.

As a decentralized infrastructure builder, Stratos also believes that all the applications can be built by anyone from anywhere. We are eager to work together with all the people who have the same dream as us to build a world that belongs to all of us.

Join us, together, we will make the decentralized world much better.

“Hello, New World!”

The Stratos Team